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STOR Reports

17th March 2022

Trends in STOR reports over the last five years -

FCA publishes data, we analyze!

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One single rulebook under 'MIFIDPRU' says the FCA in its first consultation CP20/24 

18th January 2021

Our key takeaways from the FCA’s first consultation (CP20/24) on the new UK prudential regime ‘IFPR’

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5 Steps to FCA Authorisation

12th October 2020

Our 5 steps to obtain your FCA licence

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First Digital Asset Brokerage, Custodian, and MTF

18th August 2020

Archax recently authorised as first digital asset brokerage, custodian, and MTF!

Market Analysis

First Cryptocurrency Futures MTF

6th July 2020

Kraken recently authorised as the first cryptocurrency futures MTF!

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New Prudential Rules

1st May 2020

The good, the bad, the ugly- new prudential rules for investment firms to replace CRD/CRR June 2021 onwards! 

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MTF's & OTF's

1st May 2020

Capital requirements for electronic trading platforms MTFs and OTFs to be drastically reduced! Smaller venues set to benefit!

Big Ben

Local Firms

1st May 2020

An end to the ‘local firm’ requirement! Local firms soon to be treated no different to full scope principal dealers for capital purposes!

London Town

New Capital Rules

1st May 2020

No more BIPRU50K and IFPRU125K for matched principal dealers! All hold €750K under the new capital rules!

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Summarising the Key Points From the IFD/IFR

1st May 2020

We’ve cut out the work for you and summarised the key points stemming from the IFD/IFR! We are here to help!