First digital asset brokerage, custodian, and MTF

19th August 2020

Archax recently authorised as first digital asset brokerage, custodian, and MTF

The FCA’s policy on crypto assets was issued in July 2019 and identified two types of regulated security tokens; e-money tokens and security tokens, the latter being relevant for the investments regulatory perimeter for digital assets akin to financial instruments in scope of the financial services and markets acts commonly known as FSMA. In its policy, the FCA stayed shy of getting into deep technical specifics of security tokens making it somewhat difficult to understand the specifics of digital assets and how they fit into the investment regulatory perimeter. There weren’t any regulated digital asset examples in the UK regulated through FSMA until Archax Ltd changed the space by becoming the first exchange (MTF), brokerage, and custody services for digital assets authorised on the security token route with investment permissions. We would imagine this will be greatly welcomes by the security token industry players and Archax has truly being a game changer.


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