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IFD/IFR Summarised

1st May 2020

We’ve cut out the work for you and summarised the key points stemming from the IFD/IFR! We are here to help!

The new prudential rules for investment firms can be confusing especially for small and medium sized firms trying to figure out which class of firm or category they fall into and figure out what the impending capital impact will be. We are here to help. We have summarised a key salient point from the IFD/IFR and recent FCA discussions as pertaining to small and medium sized investment firms.

Please see our insight on ‘summary of new prudential requirements for investment firms’ to figure out which IFD/IFR class you fall into and have a read on the salient points stemming from the new regulations. Check out our other insights that will help you gain a better understanding of the new rules. We are here to help. Speak to us if you need a free initial assessment over the phone.

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